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warrock hacks about usAbout Us

We are a dedicated team of game hack developers bringing you the best free undetected software.

Software Update Details

Hello visitors and fans of the website! It has been quite a while since we last updated our blog – I can personally guarantee you that the files available on our website are constantly updated and remain completely undetected on live servers. All of our files are checked on the latest public game version on live servers to ensure nothing is detected and everything is free of malicious code. Our developers have over 30 years in game hacking experience in multiple games so needless to say they know their stuff. This is a dumbed-down list of updates that we have added in the most recent update but we always get our developers to keep a comprehensive list of changes and additions in a log file in the zip file available on our dl page.

Here are a number of changes:

  • Primary executable updated to remain undetected on live servers. We have added a number of new anti-detection techniques to fortify our existing methods. We are extremely confident that we are far ahead of the game developers. There is nothing that can differentiate this file.
  • We have completely fixed Chams – we were having issues with this in the last update but it has been re-added now.
  • Speed roll have just been added.
  • Wall-hack has a ton of new features so now you have the option of wireframe, color overlays and many more. Check it out the addition looks amazing!
  • Fog removal – don’t get bothered by fog ever again! Clear up those skies and be able to look all the way across the map.
  • Unlimited Ammo – pretty self-explanatory. You will never run out of ammo and your current clip lasts forever.
  • Fire Rate – We fire at an unprecedented rate that you can change yourself if you want to appear more natural.
  • The hook should now work better for Windows 7/8 x64 systems. There were a few problems with modules when dealing with these operating systems.
  • Reduced lag from the game hack client – now everything runs seamlessly (we’ve tested the hack on over 20 different systems of varying strength and type).
  • No spread works perfectly now (fixed an issue with crashing).


To download the zip file just go to the appropriate page at the top right of this website or just click here. We always offer every single tool for free.

If you are having any issues whatsoever with the newest version of the software please let us know through comment or contact form. We will get back to bug reports within a few hours. We also want to know what you think of all our hard work! We spend many hours a day to upkeep the files and to maintain their integrity and safety. Leave a comment with your feedback or submit it to our contact form. You may need to install the newest .net framework if you are having difficulties we noticed this was a fix for some of the previous users with older versions of the file. That can be downloaded free from the Microsoft website (you need version 4 or higher).

WarRock Hack Package Update

Everyone here hopes that all of you have been enjoying all of the different tools and hacks we have been working so hard to develop for you! Everything has been checked and confirmed multiple times on various operating systems to ensure that cross-compatibility is not an issue. The files on our download page are tested to be undetected and compatible on Mac, PC and we’re even working on a few more! The benchmark of 500 downloads has recently been surpassed – thanks for all of your downloads and comments!

Features and Updates:

  • New advanced undetected injector added to the package. It is completely invisible to the game client and uses advanced algorithms to pass through all security measures.
  • Updated and Improved AimBot now even easier and safer for use on live servers without any worry of detection.
  • Plant anywhere fix and facilitated ease of use.
  • Glass walls (Wall Hack) fixed.
  • Super Jump updated and working flawlessly.
  • No Recoil fix.
  • NoMenu addition – we give you the option but our advanced detection experts are very adamant against using graphical menus while in game.
  • God Mode – bullets and all other attacks don’t do any damage to you.
  • Flag Anywhere Hack now works without any hitch – added a number of options and features based on your comments.
  • New cross hair shapes – very easy to use and cannot be detected by the game client.
  • Many other VIP hacks included that are completely exclusive to this website. To try them out simply download the files on this website – look below for the link.
  • Hack source creator also added for you go-getters that decide to develop your very own hacks. It’s really easy to use and one day you could be contributing to this website!

A Few Preview Images:

warrock crosshair hack

WarRock Hack Injector 2012

Get The Hacks:

You can find the complete software package custom designed and tested by our programmers. Don’t you worry the files are completely free and can be found on our Downloads Page


Once again we thank you very much for your visit – all of our users are very much appreciated and we take all feature requests and bug reports into considersation. This means if you encounter any issues whatsoever when using our package drop us a line through the comment form and we will immediately rectify the situation. Find us on Facebook – like our page above and give us a Google Plus One we really appreciate your visit and hopefully you have been enjoying our free service as well!

WarRock Hack 2012 New Update

This is the first textual update for the month of Febuary in 2012. Our software development team has been updating the Free WarRock Hack Package every few days and on demand based on bug reports and requests.  The files in the download section are tested scrutenously daily to ensure their legitimacy and complete functionality.  During this update we have teamed up with well-known game hack programmers to bring you a wide array of new tools.  A partial feature  addition list will be posted somewhere in this post to let you know what new crazy advantages you’ll have in WarRock with the newest cheats. We have tested all of these hacks on live official servers and have confirmed their absolute legitimacy.

New Feature Addition List:

  • Fixed Chams Hacks
  • Wall Hack
  • Full Brightness
  • Fixed Grenade Color Mod
  • Weapon concealer
  • Wire Frame Viewer
  • Fog remover
  • Weapon Hacks as well as additional Player Hacks
  • Fixed Teleporter
  • Updated Diner Bot/Level Bot
  • Mega Nade
  • Invisibility
  • Insta Spawn
  • AFK be Gone
  • Stamina Enhancer
  • And so much more…  Full Update and feature list can be found in the notes of the hack pack download.

Updated Screenshots:


Get the Free WarRock Hacks:

Go To Our Downloads Page


Thanks For Stopping By!

Please let us know if you encounter any errors, bugs or features you feel are missing by leaving us a comment or sending us an e-mail.  We’ve become aware that the contact us form has been difficult to find so we will be adding a brand new method of reaching us most likely through our About Us page (we are still deciding the best place, asthetically to place it). We have had an issue with spam on our comment forms that may be affecting our response time and effectiveness so we will be implementing a new captcha shortly.   For now you should attempt to reach us though comments we check them for feature requests and bugs daily.  Thanks again for choosing WarRock HacksZ!

WarRock Hacks 2012 update

We haven’t made an update to the blog for a long time now although the WarRock hacks available on our free downloads page has been updated numerous times since we last shared its features.  As always we keep the downloads on our site tested to ensure their safety and functionality with the newest patches this is just an update to our blog to notify our users of the changes.  You can always feel safe using all of the tools available to enhance your game in our WarRock hack pack.  Here is a condensed version of the improvements and added features to the dl:

  • Chams – Wall Hack, Full Bright, Hippy mode, Flash Color, Grenade Color, Wireframe, Hide Weapon, Ground Color, color Fog and many more.
  • Player hacks including weapon hacks, Teleport Hacks, Dinerbot, Level bot, Super Explosion, Super Jump, Moon Jump exploit, Sky walk, Virtual Jump, NFD, Quick Spawn, Speed Hack, roll Speed, Run Speed, Walk Speed, Dig, Teleport, NoBounds, Invisible, Stamina, “Quick Defuse, Quick Plant, Break Limit, Quick Ladder, No Water, AntiAfk, Premium and Level Hack
  • Weapon Hacks including Accuracy, Zero Delay, Dead Spinner, No Recoil, No Spread, Water Shooter, Super gun fire, Hide on radar, Crazy mode, Plant anywhere, Defuse anywhere, Unlimited ammo and scope hacks.


Screenshot of the current WarRock Hack version active on live server:

warrock hack sz 1

warrock hack sz 2

If you have any questions or comments regarding our downloads or website please contact us and we will be glad to help you out.  The development team here at WarRockHacksz  ensures the safety and that all features are fully functional on all servers in 2012.

Fresh WarRock Hacks

It’s been a while since we have posted an update of the status of our WarRock hack pack although our dedicated WarRock team constantly updates the package available on our downloads page.  Over the past month we have added countless new hacks and tools to help you dominate the game effortlessly.  You can feel confident with our WarRock hacks because the team tests and updates the files in the package every day.  This post will briefly describe some of the more important updates and tweaks we’ve added to the package over the past month.  The hack package is always put through rigorous tests to ensure it is working and undetected on live servers.

List of updates:

  • New plant anywhere hack
  • Confirmed undetected speedhack
  • Custom Chams options
  • Updated GUI
  • Updated Chams
  • New wallhack
  • New Bypass and detour System added
  • Fixed EndScene issue
  • New Hook method
  • No recoil, no spread and super jump fixed
  • Weapon enhancements fast ammo, fast health, fast repair, and fast flag have been added along with All Slots Mod.
  • Updated no spawn timer mod
  • NFD
  • Added advanced weapon script editor

This package is a combination of our exclusive hacks mixed with the most popular ones throughout the web.  You will not find this pack anywhere else or find this level of security that we enforce.  Many sites are charging a price for their premium software but we have cracked it and added it free of charge to our downloads section.

WarRock hack pack demo:

new warrock hack 1new warrock hack 2

Download the WarRock Hack Pack:


We test our software daily to ensure it is working and easy to use.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our WarRock hacks please feel free to contact us through comments or via e-mail we care about our visitors security and safety.  Thanks for using us for your unfair advantage!

Updated WarRock Hack Download

We are proud to announce the release of our new updated undetected free WarRock hack pack. Feel safe using these hacks knowing they have been thoroughly tested by our dedicated development team. The package now includes a number of new fixes for the old hacks and tools to get them working and undetected for current live servers. The team has also added a number of new hacks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else because they’ve been exclusively created by our dev team.

New WarRock Hack Features:

NoSpread – All of your bullets go exactly where your cross hair is.  No bullets will stray from your target and your gun will not move when fired.
Quick Plant / diffuse – Gives you the ability to instantly plant and diffuse.  Instantly win by diffusing or planting at a distance!
Invisible – Become completely invisible.  Nobody will be able to see your reign of destruction.
Weapon Binder – Get any item you want – instantly!
Power Level – Auto Level Bot included.
Dinar Bot – self-explanatory.
Package also includes Enter custom VEH Hack, AutoStart and many more…

Hack Pack Screenshots:

warrock-hack-new-1 warrock-hack-new-2

As always, you can find the most recent version of the warrock hack pack on our downloads page. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment or contact us we will be more than happy to help.

Warrock Hack Pack Aimbot Update

Warrock Hacks is proud to present the most advanced aimbot currently available for Warrock. This tool is able to aim for your opponents head from across the map and with consistent pinpoint precision it will pick them off one by one. Not only does this seem more natural but you have extra options to control how fast and obvious your killing spree will be. Use your knife from across the map!

Warrock hack details:

  • Direct3D Hacks – Chams, WallHack, Glass Walls, FullBright, WireFrame, Remove Fog, color Mine/Floor/Smoke/Crosshair
  • Aimbot – working undetected warrock aim bot
  • Player Hacks – Superjump, No Fall Damage, Instant Spawn, Player Speed Modifier, Low Gravity, Fast Ammo, Fast Medic, Fast Repair, Fast Flag, No Bounds, Drunk Player, Invisible, Walk through walls
  • Weapon Hacks – No Recoil, No Spread, Scope, Instant lock, No restriction, head shot, No Delay and unlimited ammo
  • Weapon Binder – working undetected – get any weapon you want!
  • Vehicle Hacks – Superjump, No Damage and Invisible
  • And many more…

Warrock Hack Demo:


Warrock Hacks Download:

See the downloads page


We appreciate you visiting our site. We create and test the best Warrock hacks available online today. If you have any comments feel free to use the form below the post or drop us an e-mail. We’re always eager to hear what you have to say!

Warrock Hack Pack Update

We’re enthusiastic to announce the newest free hacks package available exclusively from our website! Our team has been working tirelessly to create new safe working Warrock hacks not available anywhere else on the internet.  We collect a number of aim bots and hacks from different sources as well as create our own dedicated tools combined to create the ultimate hack package providing any cheat / advantage you could possibly need.  This way you are guaranteed to have all the tools you could possibly need to complete your reign of destruction.  We have included a number of new bonus tools for you to use and we have tested all of them to ensure they are working and are safe to use on your account.  We have made sure all of the existing software is working as of this current date.

Warrock Hack Features:

-> no recoil hack

-> Warrock invisible hack

-> undetectable injector

-> chams hack

-> promo codes generator

-> working level hack

-> list of working in-game exploits

Warrock Hack Demo:
warrock hack 1warrock-hack-vip-1


Download our Free Warrock Hacks:

You can find the latest hack pack on our downloads page


 Thanks for visiting!

We have the best exclusive free Warrock hacks available all confirmed working undetected on live servers in 2011.  If you have any questions or comments about our warrock hack pack feel free to use our comment form at the bottom of the post.

Warrock Hack Addition

We have added a number of new hacks to our exclusive hack package!  You won’t find this Warrock hack pack anywhere else on the internet we have compiled a number of useful tools with a large array of functionality.

Warrock hack additions:

Aim Bots
Crosshair, no spread, no recoil, mega zoom, wall hack and No Fog all working!

Weapon Mods / Hacks
Get weapon 34:  Winchester, fifth slot, and unlimited ammo

Speed Hack
Infinite Stamina, instant respawn, ultra fast punches and anti kick – people cannot kick you from the game!

Height Mods / hacks
Super high jump, no damage from falling and now you can swim as well as there being an instant teleport hack for all “Close Quarter Combat” maps.


Warrock Hack Demo:






Download Warrock Hack Pack – FREE

Thanks for visiting!

We appreciate you using us for your Warrock hacks.  We guarantee you will be returning soon enough for our regularly updated warrock hacks!

Warrock Hack minor Update

We have updated the hack package we are offering on our downloads page to include additional tools and fix minor bugs that were reported.  We want to thank you for offering all your suggestions and feedback we strive to make our tools better for the users and want to make them as compatible as possible.  We’ve included everything from a VIP hack to an aimbot to a flying hack.  There is a tool for just about anything in this big warrock hack pack.  The tools included are extremely easy to use and come with included instructions to guide you along.  Most tools have very easy-to-use hotkeys that allow you to

Warrock hack features:

No recoil or spread
Unlimited Stamina
No Spawn wait
Mega Zoom
No Fog (Glass Walls)
…And many more


Warrock hack download

Download the Free Warrock Hack

Thanks for checking out our Warrock hacks!

All downloads on this website are tested strictly by our development team to determine any problems or compatibility problems.  There is only so much we can do, however.  If you notice any problems with our warrock hacks please let us know and we will deal with it immediately.